Straight up, this is an opportunity for those who want to hustle for humanity, make as much money as possible, in order to help others and create the biggest change possible. We are spiritual entrepreneurs. I created these different opportunities for those who want to take their passions and turn them into their careers. 90% of my profits go back to my sales teams. Why? Because I am on a mission to free society of the financial prisons that the system has setup to keep us in. The last 10% goes towards building and creating content for my businesses. Every single thing I earn goes towards a higher cause. The mission and purpose of humanity is to realize our lives are not here to just "Be". I believe we all have a prophecy to full fill. I help people solve their riddle, uncover their purpose, and live that purpose. 




WAKE WATER CO "Wake Up To Your Water"

This is an opportunity to sell a Holistic Medical Device that literally heals people with water. This water is the missing link in society. It is the #1 most important substance that I put into my body. When people drink this water they detox their bodies, decalcify their pineal glands, raise their frequencies, and become vessels for truth to be uncovered. When you choose to do this for a living, you will witness others around you start to wake up. They start to see possibilities and life as interconnected because that is literally what this water is doing to their biology. Checkout our website Contact me and I will explain the opportunity in further detail. 

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In ancient times there were Sacred Sexual Priests and Priestesses who taught their societies about the incredible spiritual superpower hidden beneath their sexual energy. 

After starting my Sexual Healing business I realized how many people were interested in this subject as well. Not only will you learn Tantra, Sexual Healing, Sex Magic, Sex Alchemy and heal yourself of shame, but you will also be responsible for healing other people of this sex shame in society as well. I believe the root of much of the problems in society is repressed sexuality. We are rapidly expanding and greatly in need of qualified, inspired and talented professionals. 

Do you want to make a truly positive difference in a career that you absolutely love and feel good about... while also supporting you financially to live the type of life you desire? Contact me and help me heal the shame of the world!