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The beginning and breakthrough of my journey.  

Psilocybin mushrooms might just be the “next best thing” in holistic healing and wellness. These mushrooms have been used ceremonially for thousands of years in various parts of the world but only recently the Western world has encountered its tremendous healing effects, both medical as well as psychological and emotional.

Benefits: - Stimulates Growth Of New Brain Cells - Reduces Pain Due To Social Rejection - Alleviates OCD Symptoms - Soothes Anxiety - Lowers Depression - Long Term Medical and Spiritual Benefits - Connecting The Brain In New Ways




Ayahuasca is a versatile medicinal plant. It has the potential to PTSD depression, anxiety, addiction and cancer. Aside from treating PSTD, depression and cancer, Ayahuasca offers health and healing benefits with its transforming effects. It does not only strengthen one’s body, but it also reconditions the mind and spirit. Learn about Ayahuasca’s health and healing benefits in the following passages.

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Kambo is a natural medicine for healing the mind, body, and soul. It is extracted from the waxy monkey tree frog. The frogs are unharmed in the process. Amazon tribes use Kambo for hunting and to clear "penema" - the indigenous term for bad luck. They see bad luck as a fog that clouds the mind and aura, stored in your cells by stress and bad memories. Scientifically, Kambo enters the lymphatic system, waking up the body's natural ability to heal itself on a cellular level. After Kambo, people often see massive energetic shifts in their lives, from dramatic improvements in physical heal, to reductions in depression and addictions, to relief from chronic pain and major illnesses.

Kambo Ceremony is every Monday night @ 8pm at 8th Chakra Studio, Santa Ana CA

wake_tribe's Kambo Experience

For private in home sessions Jose Luis Del Solar is our guy! 


FRIDAY JULY 13th @ 6pm

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Rapé (Pronounced ha-PAY)

This sacred Amazonian snuff you blow up your nose. Rapé is a preparation of powdered medicinal herbs, often with a tobacco base – that is taken through the nose. This practice of consuming powdered plant medicines through the nose is pre-Columbian and was first observed among the Brazilian indigenous tribes. In Europe, herbal snuff was introduced by the doctor and botanic Francisco Hernández de Boncalo in 1577 and the elites often took snuff as a headache treatment. Rapé helps releasing emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses and eases negativity and confusion, enabling a thorough grounding of the mind . Likewise, shamans use rapé to re-align with their energy channels and with their higher self, and to intensify their connection with the world and the universe. In addition, rapé paves the way to detoxify the body and cleans out all excessive mucus, toxins and bacteria.




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MAPS is launching their Phase 3 trials with full cooperation from the FDA.

MAPS has completed Phase 2 trials with 103 participants showing 2/3 treatment resistant patient with PTSD has been cured by 3 sessions of MDMA assisted therapy Even in long term follow ups the patients continue to be cured. They are dedicated to the science and it is science that will bring this home. 

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MAPS (MultiDisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

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Gather your community, start a conversation, and raise funds to make psychedelic therapy a legal treatment.